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Abstract Background

Draw Your Power is a process art workshop designed to reconnect women to their sense of true purpose and power through their own creativity. 

“What an amazing, enlightening and transformative experience. Thank you for holding that space for us. I left with some ahas that I have been waiting for. "

Sherina S.

Draw Your Power:
About the Workshop

Bringing Your Inner Wisdom to Light

Through process art, my mission is to reconnect women to their sense of true purpose and power through their own creativity.

But what is process art??
I once heard the incredible Stuart Cubley, Founder of The Painting Experience put it this way, "It's when we paint for process, not product." 

Through a safe and inviting space, we draw for the experience of it with no expectation of the outcome. So instead of trying to make a nice picture that looks like something, we come to the paper with an open mind and draw whatever comes up. 

When we do this and learn to let go of expectation, we’re able to tap into our own power. Insights and moments of groundbreaking truth naturally come forward. The more you learn to trust your inner compass, the bigger the discoveries. These "Aha!" moments continue for days to months afterward. Many return to the workshop again as each time is completely different and new, offering more realizations. 

To be sure, this is NOT an art class and no experience is needed.
Instead, think of it as a practice that brings healing awareness to the mind and body. 


Sessions are welcoming and provide a sense of warm fellowship as it is held by its participants with sacred integrity.

If you’re thinking "this is exactly what I need" (or even “I’m scared to do this”), take the sign, be brave, and join us.
We welcome you with open arms!


Trista Miller

Founder and Facilitator

Image by Sheldon Liu

Workshop Benefits:
Choosing Play Over Perfection

  • Strengthen connection to creative source

  • Transform critical thought into a map toward breakthrough 

  • Create access to a deeper knowing

  • Be held and practice holding in a supportive group setting

  • Watch take-aways expand over time, continuing to unfold days and weeks afterward

What You Can Expect

The framework of a Draw Your Power workshop allows for each session to be unique and new, each time bringing new discoveries to light.

Time to Settle In

Ample, retreat-like time is given throughout the session so that processes can unfold naturally.

Personal Reflection

A paper and pen is always close by for capturing whatever comes up.

A Safe Container

It's my job as a facilitator to make sure all who join feel fully safe and seen so that real creativity can come through.

Being Held by the Group

Sharing together builds a container of trust and allows for strong bonds and deeper experiences to form. Overarching themes often appear.

Individual Creation

The heart of the session is devoted to serving your imagination & effectively work with the inner critic.

Possibility for Expansion

The more you lean in and trust the process, the more magic happens.

Abstract Background

Why I made Draw Your Power

 I made it for you. For us. Because I know from personal experience that the power we seek is already a part of us and that the nature of the feminine is creativity.


Therefore we have a direct method we can use to reconnect and heal millenia-old wounds. The line of communication to that deep knowing part of us is always open, all we have to do is be brave enough to listen. There are many ways to reconnect and remember. Draw Your Power is a way of listening with a pencil, marker, chalk, etc.


Abstract Painting

Draw Your Power Workshop

Limited Space: 10 maximum participants

Duration: 3 hours
Detroit, MI

This in-person workshop is held as a small-group session to preserve a sense of intimacy and safety. Plenty of time is given for introductions, warm up practices, creation and self reflection as well as the enjoyment of sharing and witnessing others.

Our session starts together as a group, then breaks up for the main event of individual creation time, and finally we rejoin at the end for group practices and reflection.


This therapeutic session is unique in that it blends art-making with renowned healing modalities including (but not limited to) mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and somatic practices, along with free-flow journaling and group processing.

Why Work in Groups?

When we work together in a group setting, it creates a container of trust for one another and allows for strong bonds and deeper experiences to form. As important aspects arise in personal reflections, those stories are often reflected within the group share. Larger themes naturally and spontaneously weave together making room for even richer meaning within the collective group experience.

Reminding us to never underestimate the power of community, this experience affirms that we are truly not alone.

Private Sessions


Duration: 1.5 hours
Online or In Person

Work one-on-one with Trista to receive personalized attention and guidance. This is for the person who is ready to do the work and either wishes not to be in a group setting or is looking for an individualized immersive experience. 

Sessions can be booked online or in person at a location in which you feel safe and comfortable enough to be your fully creative self.

One-On-One sessions are a great option for those who are excited to do the work but may not be able to attend a group session due to busy schedules, or even those who are working with social anxiety. Whatever the case may be, private sessions often lend themselves to potent and rewarding inner discoveries.

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar

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